The owltools developer team is working to make the official launch of the token on the Binance Smart Chain network.
We plan to have everything ready for a successful launch this week.

Important information for a successful launch:
1. fair launch. After several studies carried out previously and by decision of the entire owlntools team we are going to do a fair launch because currently there are many (malicious whales bots) in the bsc network that cause great damage in private sales.
2. Minimum requirement of 700 people in telegram to have a fair participation of the community in the launch.
3. Security: Owlntools will be locked in liquidity for 1 year by the dxsale or unicrypt platform.


The new token trade is a high risk investment because you have little knowledge about what the dev’s work plan is. So the main factor that drives the price in these (new tokens) is the community, that is why we developed a tool that can monitor the value that the token is obtaining in the community and its interactions.
With this data you can obtain a better performance in your analysis and make the best decision for your trade. Our tool is also useful for new token developers to monitor their community in real time and see if the plan they are executing is achieving the expected results.

Owlntools the first comunity growth monitor for traders and devs


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